Saturday, May 3, 2008

Polestock '08

Last weekend was the first 2-day weekend since sunset, and everyone on station felt the need to celebrate. We've got a lot of musical talent down here this winter, and there are 5 bands of various shapes and sizes who have been rehearsing since station close. It was time for Polestock 2008.

People went a little overboard with the whole concert setup. The stage and backstage took up the majority of the gym. Then again, that may have made sense, since more than half the station was accounted for in the performers, roadies, sound technicians, bartenders, and security. (Yes, we had two guys working security. They had metal detectors, and were quite drunk on power. Also liquor.)

Of course, it was a blast. People here know how to party, and the combination of free booze, a big dance floor, and live music certainly didn't hurt. The music started at 5pm, and we were still going strong at 1:30 the next morning.

I've got to give people here credit for their creativity, too. Some bands played covers, but there were also a couple of thoroughly entertaining South Pole originals. Mike "Fancy Pants" Symanski did a solo performance of his new composition, "Bang Your Head Against a Vast Expanse of Seductive Nothingness", while the Death Metal band Korpsicle gave a stirring rendition of their hit, "6 Months of Darkness, 1 Night of Pain". Beyond being surprisingly talented, the whole crew seems to have a great sense of humor, particularly about life here.

I can't imagine how people could get bored down here.

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Hallie said...

What's this about free booze? Just kidding, I already knew that part. I hope you were able to control yourself and not let your emotions get all crazy. (Just a joke--Keith knows.)